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Choose your pricing plan

  • Studio 1 Rental

    Valid for one week
    • Studio Space with up to 6 people (Covid Bubble)
    • LiveStream Capable - Ethernet Hardline Enabled
    • Mac Computer with Raven MTi2 Multi-Touch Control Surface
    • Apollo Twin X Thunderbolt 3 Audio Interface
    • Option of Microphones
    • Large Screen TV for Zoom or LiveStreaming
    • Option of Laptops and i-pads
    • Roland Fantom - G Keyboard and optional creative instruments
  • Studio 2

    Valid for one week
    • Studio Space - upto 4 persons (Covid Bubble)
    • Option to host workshops or zoom meeting
    • Mac Computer w/ QSC Touchmix30 DAW
    • Sound Recording/mixing via Logic Pro X
    • LiveStream podcasts, Music Events/show via Hardline Ethernet
    • Sound: Logic Pro X, GarageBand
    • Graphics: Adobe Suite and more
    • Video: Premier Pro, Da Vinci
    • Optional Laptops, I-pads, Microphones and instruments
  • Main Room Workshops

    Valid for one month
    • Main Room Rental - upto 10 persons
    • Large tables for activities
    • Large Screen TV for Zoom meetings, Broadcasting
    • Green Screen Capable
    • Wifi or Ethernet capable
    • Access to arts craft equipment
    • Access to laptops or ipads
    • Access to Mac Sound/Video editing & Graphic Design Stations
    • Access to kitchen
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